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selecting the right agency is hard.
we make it easier for you.

Hello, nice to meet you

Before we officially start working together, we prefer meeting you in person. A cup of coffee, hopefully some sun and an hour or two of your time is enough to get to know each other and your project. If you’re not nearby, a video call works, too. Afterwards, we follow up with a quote or recommendation on how to proceed. It goes without saying that our first meeting is free of charge.

Gaining perspectives

First and foremost, we need to understand the challenge. So before starting production, we verify that we have the right perspective to arrive at the desired solution. Background research, maybe some fieldwork and perhaps holding a workshop with you are the most common ways of gaining the perspective we need. Taking time to get it right at this stage will save countless hours (and lots of money!) down the road.

Production time

Now the really exciting part can begin. We have clearly-defined project goals and have onboarded our teams. It’s time to reach our milestones and release the work. We strongly recommend launching results in the smallest increments possible. This allows us to collect real user feedback beginning at an early stage.

Let’s evaluate

Are things working as you expected? This is a daunting question – one that agencies often avoid asking because they fear the response. Not COBE. Success is achieved by continually evaluating what works and what doesn’t. By being honest with ourselves and each other, we can change tactics during the project to ensure we reach the desired results.

In the loop

The best decisions are based on insight. That’s why a good design process always loops back and forth between strategic evaluation and production. It’s called an agile process – in contrast to a linear waterfall approach.

Studio Manager

Diba Wunderlich

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