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Agency Assistant

Are you a perfectionist that loves to have a really good work-life-balance? Do you like to plan your workday so it fits your current situation and your strengths best? Then you’re more than welcome as COBE’s new Agency Assistant.

What you'll do

  • You’ll be managing all maintenance tasks and instruct necessary service providers
  • You’ll be searching for and seizing rental opportunities for our office, like video or foto shoots etc.
  • You’ll be delivering a welcoming hospitality experience for all our guests
  • You’ll be managing moves to different offices including the selection of the moving company, the involvement of the employees and the setup at the new office, but don’t worry as we just moved to our new one
  • You’ll be handling incoming invoices and payments (except salaries) and preparing them for the tax/accounting agency
  • You’ll manage physical receipts and their storage
  • You’ll handle expense requests and ensure that our expenses stay within the planned budgets
  • You’ll be participating in the creation of Plan numbers and work closely with our controller and our CFO / CEO

What you bring

  • As most of the communication with external service providers will take place in German, it is crucial to have fluent German, and good English skills for communications with our Croatian peers
  • You are a well organized person that loves to work with certain structures and workflows, because made sure that they help with your responsibilities
  • You are experienced with the Google suite or with MS office
  • You enjoy working with different people and thus have a clear understanding of good communication
  • You are known for your self-management skills and enjoy a good mix of autonomous and teamwork

Nice to have

  • You are experience in preparatory bookkeeping
  • You enjoy being a host and have worked in the gastronomy

What we offer

  • You’ll have amazing freedom in planning and organizing your workday, because you can work hybrid and don't have core working hours, as long as you can meet your responsibilities
  • No, we don't have strict hierarchies, every idea and every voice matters
  • You have a very versatile set of responsibilities and thus will learn a lot of skills
  • You'll work with a passionate and knowledgable team, with whom you can solve even the most complex problems
  • Each year you'll get one vacation day extra
  • You want to educate yourself? We got you covered with our yearly education budget
  • We have very prestigious clients and projects where you can grow, learn and show your expertise

Next steps

Your Holacracy Circle

Our Mindset

We are self-managers


In order to achieve success, each individual has to work as a proactive problem solver. Let’s take full responsibility for accepting, estimating, solving, and communicating our tasks to the team. And, when something goes wrong, we make sure to suggest a solution to problems at an early stage in order to keep things working. To improve our productivity and reliability continuously, let’s ask ourselves: “Am I organized and structured enough to take full care of my accountabilities?”

We have a constant beta mindset


As ever improvable and evolving subjects, we want to learn every day. We challenge ourselves, react to new circumstances innovatively, and are willing to leave our comfort zones. This helps us grow personally and professionally. Let’s make time for reflection and constructive feedback to give ourselves the chance to improve. Let’s not attack each other and let’s not feel attacked by feedback. Instead, we give feedback with respect and receive feedback with gratitude. Let’s share knowledge and experience in order to teach each other in soft and hard skills. Let’s ask ourselves: “How can I help myself, others, and the company to improve?

We are team players


Let’s not attach ourselves to our own ideas, but search for the best solution. Staying humble allows us to focus on our team’s success, not on our ego. Let’s make sure that our team can count on us. We have each others’ back and offer each other help proactively. By giving our best to let our teamwork run smoothly, we do not only offer clients the best quality, but we also let our teammates have the best working experience. Let’s ask ourselves: “What can I do today to support others?”

We make an impact


We carry an entrepreneurial mindset to detect potential for improvement, make suggestions for improvement, and ultimately turn our suggestions into action. We put ideas into practice by being persistent and by overcoming barriers along the way. We support others in their ideas and excite others to support our ideas. Let’s ask ourselves: “What can I do and what do I need to make a positive impact on my team, my company, and on our clients?”

We communicate clearly


Let’s communicate our ideas, reasoning, opinions, and decisions in a precise and transparent way to avoid misunderstandings. Let’s talk, design, code, and write in a clear way. Let’s seek to understand first, then to be understood, so we can test our assumptions and see the full picture. We consider that everything is a hypothesis and that we could be wrong. Let’s ask ourselves: “Am I giving and receiving enough information to do a great job and to empower others to do a great job?”

We are authentic and optimistic


Let’s be grateful for our team, our clients, and our impact on their work and life. We approach clients with humility, appreciation, and excitement. We do not condemn clients, partners, team members, or users, but seek to empathize with them in order to learn. When things go wrong, we stay positive by turning the situation into a lesson for further improvement. Instead of complaining, we make suggestions, instead of hiding flaws behind a shiny facade, we admit mistakes, and use them as a chance to get better and better. Let’s ask ourselves: “How can I have a positive perspective on my work, my team, and myself?”

Our Munich Office

Work above the
rooftops of Munich

Join forces with our designers, strategists, concepters, researchers, writers and project managers, who mastered the art of creating beautiful digital experiences. Above the city of Munich, our COBE Castle is the place where ideas and concepts are passionately crafted into unique brand-driven design. Sounds exciting? Then hit us up.

“I’m looking forward to meeting you for a coffee at our cozy office space.”


Chief Happiness Officer

View of a bar table in the office lobby in front of a light-flooded window.

Our Hiring Process

From contact to contract: Here’s how things go down


First Contact

As soon as we get your application, we’ll be on it! Since we don’t use automatic replies, please give us a day or two to get back to you to discuss the upcoming steps.


Coffee Date

We want to see your true colors and show you an honest glimpse behind the curtain. Having a casual cup coffee or a beer with our HR representative is the right occasion for that.


The Interview

We’d love to learn more about your passion, goals and skills, and we’ll give you a deep dive into the COBE Culture, Holacracy, and OKRs, our processes and clients. We’ll evaluate your skill fit and are happy to be evaluated by you as well.


The Challenge

Now’s your time to shine! Show us your problem solving skills and your creativity by tackling our practical challenge. You can prepare for some days and then present your outcome in front of your future COBE colleagues.



You passed our tests, congrats! Now, things get serious. We’ll be absolutely transparent with you regarding our organisational compensation model and we’ll meet eye to eye. And if we’re both happy, let’s tie the knot!

Our Osijek Office

Work in the heart of
Osijek Software City

Founded in 2012, COBE delivers successful web and mobile applications for clients all around the world. With headquarters in Munich and an office in Osijek, our team consists of 70+ experts in development and design. Their satisfaction, personal and professional growth is our number one priority - two “Best Employer” awards, given in the annual survey by MojPosao, can support that.

Office space in Osijek, Kroatia.

“I’m looking forward to meeting you!"


Chief Happiness Officer

Person painting an office mural.

Our Hiring Process

From contact to contract: Here’s how things go down



As soon as our inbox shows the incoming application, we’ll be on it! Since we have no automatic reply, please give us a day or two to get back to you. We’ll fill you up on the next steps asap.


Application Review

Once we get your application, our HR team will review it together with the team lead of the department you’re applying for. If you have the right skills, proper education, and/or relevant work experience, you’ll proceed to the next round of the selection process, which is getting the assignment. Congrats!


The Assignment

It’s time to get out the big guns! Meaning, you’ll get an assignment, that will challenge your skills, creativity, and approach to things. This is our way of testing if you have what it takes to join our team. Don’t worry, you will have enough time to solve the task, and we’ll be here for any questions if you have them.



We finally meet! Preferably in person, but if that’s not the case, then online - via Skype, Hangouts, Zoom - whatever you choose. You will sit down with our HR manager and your future team lead, get to know each other, talk benefits, paycheck, work hours – as transparent as possible. You’ll get a deep dive into our process, clients, and how we do things around here. We’ll evaluate your skill fit and are happy to be evaluated by you as well. This is also where we’ll discuss your assignment.


Job Offer

Congrats, you’re almost there. And by there, we mean at the COBE castle. Obviously, we want you on our team, so let’s talk details – your start date, paid time off, our working remotely policy, final salary. If we’re on the same page regarding everything, we’ll offer you a job, and boom – you’re hired! :)