Android Developer

New year, new job? If you are an experienced Android developer looking to join our well-organized mobile team, continue reading.

What you'll do

  • build advanced applications for the Android platform
  • collaborate with designers, project managers, and QA engineers on the project
  • review Pull Requests from other colleagues in the Android team
  • proactively participate in team meetings (daily standup, planning, refinement, retrospective)
  • communicate and prepare demos for the client 
  • strive to use the best coding practices
  • give time estimates
  • use Jira to organize and keep track of your work
  • create updates for your projects
  • meet with your team once a week to discuss all things Android

What you bring

  • 2+ years of experience
  • excellent knowledge of Kotlin
  • knowledge of OOP paradigms
  • knowledge of Google design principles and guidelines for interface design
  • excellent knowledge of creating an Android interface in the XML layout editor
  • knowledge of Android Jetpack components
  • experience working with any of the Android architectures (MVVM, MVP)
  • advanced knowledge of communication with API (REST, JSON) and use of networking SDKs (Retrofit, OkHttp)
  • knowledge of Debugging tools and their use
  • knowledge of some of the Dependency injection frameworks - Dagger 2, Koin, Hilt
  • experience working with offline databases (Room)
  • expertise in code versioning tools - Git
  • knowledge of CI / CD principles and some of these tools - Travis, GitHub Actions
  • good communication skills
  • excellent team and organizational skills

Depending on the project you are going to work on, your skill set may vary. So don’t worry if you don’t meet every skill requirement listed above.

Nice to have

  • experience working in Java
  • experience working with RxJava or Kotlin Coroutines
  • experience with writing test code and Unit tests
  • knowing how to optimize applications
  • experience working in an agile environment
  • Jetpack Compose – not necessary to know, but developers interested in this will have the opportunity to learn and work on improving their Compose skills

What we offer

  • remote or office-based position – you can choose your preferred workplace 
  • you will work with an ambitious team with whom you will grow and learn 
  • you will get to expand your skill set in a wide range of industries while working on diverse and significant projects 
  • your opinion is important to us – we will respect your ideas and take them into account
  • educational budget – every team receives a budget for buying books, attending courses or visiting conferences
  • career development talks – we will monitor your progress and reward it accordingly with promotions and income advances 
  • free health check-ups
  • gross salary in the range of 13.500,00 - 20.000,00 HRK
  • Wellbeing at COBE – your personal growth is as important as your professional so we provide you with eight free meetings with a licensed psychotherapist
  • sick leave paid in full
  • a bonus for new parents 
  • a Christmas and Easter bonus 
  • monthly meal allowance
  • gift card for your birthday

Next steps

In terms of experience, we would prefer a mid or senior level developer to join our team, but juniors are also welcome. So go ahead, send us your CV (or LinkedIn profile) and a link to GitHub on

Applications are open and ongoing.

Your Holacracy Circle

Our Mindset

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Our Munich Office

Work above the
rooftops of Munich

Join forces with our designers, strategists, concepters, researchers, writers and project managers, who mastered the art of creating beautiful digital experiences. Above the city of Munich, our COBE Castle is the place where ideas and concepts are passionately crafted into unique brand-driven design. Sounds exciting? Then hit us up.

“I’m looking forward to meeting you for a coffee at our cozy office space.”


HR Manager

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Our Hiring Process

From contact to contract: Here’s how things go down


First Contact

As soon as we get your application, we’ll be on it! Since we don’t use automatic replies, please give us a day or two to get back to you to discuss the upcoming steps.


Coffee Date

We want to see your true colors and show you an honest glimpse behind the curtain. Having a casual cup coffee or a beer with our HR representative is the right occasion for that.


The Interview

We’d love to learn more about your passion, goals and skills, and we’ll give you a deep dive into the COBE Culture, Holacracy, and OKRs, our processes and clients. We’ll evaluate your skill fit and are happy to be evaluated by you as well.


The Challenge

Now’s your time to shine! Show us your problem solving skills and your creativity by tackling our practical challenge. You can prepare for some days and then present your outcome in front of your future COBE colleagues.



You passed our tests, congrats! Now, things get serious. We’ll be absolutely transparent with you regarding our organisational compensation model and we’ll meet eye to eye. And if we’re both happy, let’s tie the knot!

Our Osijek Office

Work in the heart of
Osijek Software City

Founded in 2012, COBE delivers successful web and mobile applications for clients all around the world. With headquarters in Munich and an office in Osijek, our team consists of 70+ experts in development and design. Their satisfaction, personal and professional growth is our number one priority - two “Best Employer” awards, given in the annual survey by MojPosao, can support that.

Office space in Osijek, Kroatia.

“I’m looking forward to meeting you!"


HR Manager

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Our Hiring Process

From contact to contract: Here’s how things go down



As soon as our inbox shows the incoming application, we’ll be on it! Since we have no automatic reply, please give us a day or two to get back to you. We’ll fill you up on the next steps asap.


Application Review

Once we get your application, our HR team will review it together with the team lead of the department you’re applying for. If you have the right skills, proper education, and/or relevant work experience, you’ll proceed to the next round of the selection process, which is getting the assignment. Congrats!


The Assignment

It’s time to get out the big guns! Meaning, you’ll get an assignment, that will challenge your skills, creativity, and approach to things. This is our way of testing if you have what it takes to join our team. Don’t worry, you will have enough time to solve the task, and we’ll be here for any questions if you have them.



We finally meet! Preferably in person, but if that’s not the case, then online - via Skype, Hangouts, Zoom - whatever you choose. You will sit down with our HR manager and your future team lead, get to know each other, talk benefits, paycheck, work hours – as transparent as possible. You’ll get a deep dive into our process, clients, and how we do things around here. We’ll evaluate your skill fit and are happy to be evaluated by you as well. This is also where we’ll discuss your assignment.


Job Offer

Congrats, you’re almost there. And by there, we mean at the COBE castle. Obviously, we want you on our team, so let’s talk details – your start date, paid time off, our working remotely policy, final salary. If we’re on the same page regarding everything, we’ll offer you a job, and boom – you’re hired! :)