UX/UI Designer

The family wants you, now!

Being a UX/UI designer at Cobe means being passionate about our industry, digital products and their power to change human behaviours. At first, you may think Cobe is a messy bunch of creatives but that feeling fades away when you suddenly swim in our hand-crafted workflow, that goes hand in hand with Cobe's UXi strategy, shaping meaningful digital experiences and get products ready to launch. We want deep thinkers, challengers and people with that special taste for beautiful details, whilst becoming the most economic product designer, ever.

Hard Facts

Start immediately, Location Munich, Fluent in german, Mobile & IoT Guru, 3 Years of Expertise.


UX, UI, VR, AR, AI, Product, Marketing, Strategy, Yoga.

Your work will matter.
It will be seen. It will have an impact.


Okay, some basic stuff first:
You will conceptualize, design, and prototype digital applications for all kind of screen sizes and types. We do IoT-devices as well, so be prepared to to design for an interactive fridge or stuff like that. It’s the future, get educated...You’ll do the whole shebang from the conceptual work down to the nitty gritty details.

You will work with highly motivated people with diverse personalities and an interdisciplinary skillset. We value independent thinking. And going the extra mile. And challenging everything.
You in a Fifa game, for example.

Our strategy and research departments will be your best friends. We like to base decisions on insights and knowledge. (They are lovely people, too) You will work for all kinds of clients in all kinds of fields. You will shape this company and it will shape you. But most importantly:
We will have a lot of fun together.

Here is the Deal

You have all the freedom you want if you get your stuff done.
You bring drive and the urge to push beyond your current self with you to Cobe. That’s your part. In turn you can manage your work and time with flexibility.

You can develop your skills in areas of your interest. And we will give you everything you need to grow both as a designer and as an individual. Ask and you shall receive.

You @ Cobe

There is daily business. But there is also space and resources to create design visions where nothing is off-limits. Opportunities where you and your team get the chance to lock yourselves in for a couple of days to bundle up everything you’ve got in order to
produce something amazing.
Speaking of team: It’ll consist of a chaotic bunch of crazy people that spend a lot of their time horsing around, skating through the office and pranking each other. But they know exactly when to turn the switch to production mode. And then you will see people that collaborate efficiently and produce an amazing team effort.
That love to fine-tune their workflow to get the most out of their time. Everyday. That chase the best solution and try to sneak innovation into the most basic tasks and interactions. And after that you will find them emptying pints & balancing shirtless on the speaker in some random club. Join them, it'll be fun.

You will face complex tasks, difficult data sets and extensive decision flows. But you will not be alone in solving them.

You + UXi = <3

The User Experience Identity will be your bread and butter. It is our very own strategic approach that helps us bake the brand into the design. Don’t be scared, you’ll have an extensive onboarding. You will come to appreciate how working with the UXi will transform your workflow and change the whole client-agency relationship.

The UXi has your back. It empowers you as a designer and lets you work with razor-sharp focus into one single direction. Not only one direction, but the RIGHT direction. Because we don’t send over two or three versions. We only send one. Because with the UXi we did our homework.

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