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See how IONIQ starts the ultimate skincare revolution.

Our Challenges

  • Mastering  Bluetooth Technology

    Part of the user experience’s quality depends on the seamless communication between the user’s mobile device and the IONIQ sprayer. Guiding the user through the process of connecting and pairing the
    devices was a big deal.

  • Rebranding and Concept Enhancement

    Integrating a rebranding into the already developed parts of the app was a true design challenge. Moreover, the app’s concept had to evolve from a very simple scope, which focussed mainly on weather forecasts and sun protection information, to a skincare-allrounder.

  • Hardware & Software 

    For the IONIQ  app, hardware and software features had to be carefully aligned – a tough one, since both were developed in parallel. Carefully managing the requirements from all relevant stakeholders was absolutely necessary for meeting the set timeline.


Product Design

Beautiful inside and out: our brand-driven UX design

UX Design

For us, the conception phase was super exciting. While some features were quite common, e.g. the blog or the user profile, many others were quite specific to IONIQ products – and rather new to us: A calculator for the individually recommended Sun Protection Factor (SPF), an automated skin type questionnaire, the bluetooth connection flow, tutorials on how to use the IONIQ sprayer, and many other features required us to go out of our way to find creative solution – all while making sure that the app is easy to use and does not require a lot of learning for users, even when they have never used the sprayer before.

Home Screen of the IONIQ app.

UI Design

Our first approach to the design language was going with soft pastel colours, organic shapes and line drawings. However, as the project progressed, the team decided to add a more futuristic note to it, drawing the visual connection to the highly innovative and technology-based image of IONIQ. Shifting from a rather soft look to a more technical one was a true challenge. However, thanks to great communication in the project team, our well-structured library and our smart design system, the transition went smoothly, which allowed us to unfold the true potential of IONIQ’s unique brand-driven design language.

Phone showing the Connect Tab of the IONIQ App

Product Ownership

While IONIQ was responsible for directing the project, our product owners’ job was to bring the team’s vision to life as accurately and efficiently as possible. For this, the product vision and strategy were defined and occasionally validated. Based on that, our product owners defined requirements, taking into consideration the overall product vision and all the small details at the same time. Additionally, we made sure to be well aligned with the hardware team by, for example, harmonizing our timeline with theirs, and to keep an eye on integrating dependent systems, such as the existing backend structure and CMS, which were connected to the app.

A person sitting in front of a monitor working

Product Development

More than what meets the eye: Great code for a seamless experience

iOS / Android Development

In the IONIQ project, turning our concept and design into code involved multiple developers. This allowed us to benefit from  different perspectives and to be more effective in terms of code readability, maintainability, and general code quality. One of the most challenging and interesting features for us was the over-the-air dynamic firmware update. This feature allows users to upgrade a firmware version of their sprayer through the IONIQ app via Bluetooth. While this process is technically demanding, it was our
mission to keep it as convenient as possible for users, requiring them to only take a few taps. For the development of the Android and the iOS app, we used Kotlin and Swift. These rather modern languages allow us to express our ideas through code more easily and more efficiently – compared to more traditional languages. This does not only result in a better user experience. It also allows our codebase to be more readable and maintainable.

Phone showing the IQ Connect Screen of the IONIQ App

Business Analysis

Last but not least, our Business Analyst supported the development team in several aspects – ranging from exploring and defining the product’s features by discussing the technical part of the features, and conducting a risk analysis on what could go wrong and how we can make sure to minimize these risks. With this expertise on board, we were able to ensure success in even complex and demanding project phases.

A person sitting in front of a monitor working

And now: meet this beauty in numbers.

successful launches
in Germany and the UK
IONIQ has launched both their smart sprayers and the app successfully in two markets.
in 4 weeks
High download rates in the first four weeks proved: IONIQ customers were excited to discover the new app.
Paired sprayers in only 4 weeks
In only a month, IONIQ users paired a total of 300 sprayers with the app, showing that the innovative system is happily embraced.
Digital Champions Award
Won so far
Being recognized for its outstanding user and customer experience, the IONIQ app was awarded the renowned Digital Champions Award in 2021.
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IONIQ Sprayer and a phone with the App displayed.

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Nicolas Grasreiner

Lead Digital & Ecosystems | IONIQ Skincare

“We have a close partnership with COBE for years. We appreciate their flexibility, dedication, and sense for digital trends. Hence, we are very proud to be able to offer our customers a unique and state-of the art digital product experience.”

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