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The human is a beautiful, irrational mess.
The computer a lifeless number-cruncher.
We make sure they get along.
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MunichRe Garden

Whether you save for your next trip to Disneyland or just some good ol' new Jordans. Fulfill your financial dreams or invest some savings for later on with this award-winning, Munich Re-backed, super fun app. Getgarden.de

Vodafone GigaTV

We don't care whether your TV is an 8K beast or a dusty old brick. It's all about inner values, right? That's why we created a blockbuster experience that transforms every screen into a Broadway spectacle. Vodafone.de

Wirecard boon.

Hate waiting for slow wire transfers to save you at the end of the month? Tired of the old lifeless facts and figure-based screens of your banking app? No worries, we're introducing boon. Pay hyperfast and hands-free. beboon.com


We do have FC Bayern fans at COBE. But just a few fans can visit a match. So we built our very own app that gives you the thrill of watching a game live. Hundreds of weeks of work. Millions of fans pleased. Kickbase.com

Being a digital agency means having a big responsibility to enhance the shift towards a society-centric world by shaping meaningful digital experiences.

— Daniel Wagner / Managing Director


The sun is shining. Mountains in the background. There is you and us. Our first date. We talk, we laugh. And slowly, everybody gets this particular feeling – this is gonna be big. This special excitement before breaking new ground. We love that. You’ll love it, too. Sounds great, tell me more.

How we work

A high quality, brand driven UX has the potential to build a real emotional connection between a user and a digital product. So we like to tackle things from every direction. Let us tackle your things. Perfect, show me.

UX Identity

„Customer Experience is User Experience is Brand Experience“ Digital products are an integral part of the CX. Every touchpoint is a brand experience and we know how to achieve this. No way, how?

Every interaction with a digital product has the potential to build a sustainable emotional connection between a product, its user, and the brand behind the product.

— Felix van de Sand / Managing Director

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