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Our process at COBE forms around real people. Everything we create focuses on their needs and motivation. Experience how meaningful insights can take your product to the next level – whether it's qualitative or quantitative UX research, we have the skills and tools to explore the heart and soul of your target audience.

Quantified Insights

With our well-structured surveys and other quantitative methods, we access the preferences and opinions of large groups of relevant, potential users. With these methods we make sure you gain insights as efficiently, fast, and scalable as possible.

In-Depth Research

With ethnographic research and In-Depth-Interviews, we gain extensive insights into the experiences, habits, and needs of your potential users. Based on those results we create frameworks like personas and user journeys, on which we base all strategic and design decisions.
Check our Vodafone Case Study

Long-term Diary Studies

To dig deeper into user habits, needs, and desires over a longer period, we use diary studies. They are extremely helpful for gaining insights into the customer journey and the recurring interaction with the product. With this, we can extract helpful information on how to improve a digital product in the long run.

Focus Groups

What better way to collect more insights on a specific topic than to gather a group of people and conduct research among them? Focus groups raise opinions, inspire, and tend to offer different solutions. Based on all that, you can easily make informed decisions about the future development of your product.

Usability Testing

When testing prototypes, we can uncover usability and interaction problems. We aim to find the product’s true potential and see what we can do to make it even better.
Custom Services
You don't know exactly what you need? All our services are scalable – and we adjust them precisely to your needs.
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