Brand-Driven UX Design

Bring your brand alive, digitally: With our home-made UXi Strategy, design decisions are no longer a matter of personal taste. See how we use science to craft your very own brand-driven UX/UI design.

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UXi Strategy

Our method is scientifically proven – and has been put into action a zillion times.

Taking on a brand-driven approach to UX Design will make your product more unique, more trustworthy and more fun to use. Our very own UXi Method helps us to make every single design decision based on your brand identity.

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Brand-Driven UX Design

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UXi Strategy

The User Experience Identity (UXi) method is our way to get your brand into the UX/UI Design of your product. Based on scientific knowledge, it is our most important strategic tool and helps us to make sure users feel your brand while using your product.

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The concept, or UX Design, defines the basic structure of your digital product. Choosing the right layouts, patterns and elements for your target audience not only ensures great usability but also communicates your brand’s character effectively.


Visual Design

The Visual Design, or UI Design, is all about making users fall in love with your product at first sight. The choice of colors, shapes, fonts and other design elements will be carefully selected according to highest usability standards and your very own UXi.


Motion Design

How elements move in the interface says a lot about your brand. Whether they suddenly drop down or smoothly slide in defines how users perceive your product and brand. With our motion design, we make sure you got all the right moves to provide both flawless usability and an amazing brand experience.


UX Writing

Small words, big impact! UX Writing is an essential part of every great UX/UI Design. While your writing’s voice and tone defines how users experience your brand while using your product, the clarity and conciseness of your writing enhance its usability.

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