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Quality Assurance

We make it as agile as everything else.

What we do

To ensure the highest product quality, testing starts from day one of the project – along with development. This allows catching issues in the early phases of development and prevents any bigger complications later on.

Manual Testing

The first step in detecting bugs, issues and defects of a web or mobile app is to test it manually. In this phase, we execute test cases and generate test reports without using any automated tools.

Automated Testing

After manually creating initial testing scripts, we start with automation. Using the appropriate testing tools, automation improves bug detection, increases reusability, and provides higher accuracy in testing your product.
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If you’re practicing Agile Software Development or thinking about doing so, you must know that Quality Assurance Engineers and Developers have to closely work together. Our experts help you learn about the most common causes of friction between QA and development and offer a list of ways you can work through them.


Once your team realises that Quality Assurance is everyone's job, you will learn the key to true cooperation between QA and Development. This will improve communication, break down barriers, and set the base to ship high-quality products.
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