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Design Systems

Mastering Design Systems: Our path to consistency and brilliance

What we do

With our design systems you can ensure a unified brand identity and consistency throughout all your products. Say goodbye to redundancy and hello to a cost-effective and efficient design approach that empowers every facet of your business.

Design Systems from scratch

Unlock the full potential of your brand with our comprehensive design service that starts from the ground up. We craft a custom-made design system tailored to your brand's unique identity, ensuring it stands out in today's digital landscape. The result? A comprehensive set of guidelines, components, and tools that work together to ensure accessibility, consistency and cohesiveness in the design and development of your digital products or services.
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We go beyond expertise – we become your trusted guardians, actively maintaining and enhancing your existing design system. We revamp your visual identity, streamline design elements and enhance component organization. We ensure consistent, efficient and user-friendly experiences by following design patterns and building reusable design assets and components according to the latest standards.


Our expert consultancy services dive deep into the core of your brand, providing strategic guidance to optimize your design system for maximum impact and efficiency. Here, we take the lead in the consultancy aspect, allowing your design team to maintain their focus and continue working on your existing design system. With COBE, your design system doesn't just stay current; it thrives and excels in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Design System

Deep dive into details


Component Library

Our meticulously crafted component libraries are at the core of our design system services, encompassing an extensive array of tokens, variables, and the principles of Atomic Design. With a focus on versatility, these libraries are designed to empower your brand by providing a rich toolkit that ensures design consistency and scalability across diverse use cases, facilitating the effortless creation of intuitive and cohesive digital experiences that resonate with your brand's vision and values.



Our styleguides provide detailed specification about the visual, written and behavioral aspects of the brand including fonts, color palettes. Engineered for effortless scalability across diverse departments, these guides act as a single reference point, ensuring design consistency while accommodating the distinct requirements of each team - from marketing to product development or customer support. With our styleguides, your brand effortlessly maintains uniformity and delivers a cohesive brand experience, regardless of the department in play.


Design Systems & Development

By offering a unified and well-documented set of design components, styles and guidelines, design systems enable developers to focus on coding and functionality rather than reinventing design elements. This not only accelerates the development process but also ensures a consistent and visually pleasing user interface. Additionally, design systems foster collaboration between designers and developers, promoting better communication and a shared understanding of project objectives. Ultimately, design systems empower developers to create exceptional user experiences while reducing development time and effort.

Custom Services
All our services are scalable – and we adjust them precisely to your needs.
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