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Rethinking the digital food experience.

With the redesigned Betty Bossi app, you can easily find the right recipe for any occasion. Get inspired today.

Our Challenges

  • Timing the Go-Live

    Subscribers can open a recipe directly through a printed QR code in the magazine. Which is why it was crucial to launch the app alongside the print edition of the new Betty Bossi magazine.

  • Communication of Premium Content

    The goal was to point out the premium subscription and the possibility of an upgrade in a clear, transparent way. A big challenge here was to expand the premium subscription with beneficial features, while still guaranteeing usability and functionality for free users.

  • Technical Restrictions

    Betty Bossi went online in 1998, and their vast recipe collection was based on and adapted for web technology. To ensure the best user experience for Android and iOS, it was crucial to develop a close collaboration with the client's backend team.

Applied Services

UXi - User Experience Identity

App & Web Development

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Product Strategy

Our recipe for a brand-driven design.

UXi Package

Based on Betty Bossi’s already existing brand values, we worked on the User Experience Identity (UXi) and made sure to reflect their brand personality and vision in every detail of their digital products. The challenge with the brand was their super diverse setup coming from an analog magazine service and connecting thousands of existing recipes, products, and tools for the kitchen itself. Besides their core values – modern, easy, innovative, and likeable, our semantic map also reflects secondary values that further describe the Betty Bossi universe. Altogether, the UXi sets the tone for the redesign of Betty Bossi’s digital product landscape.

A Semantical Map of the Betty Bossi Brand Values

Product Design

Tasty in every way: Our brand-driven UX design.

UX Design

In order to redesign the already existing Betty Bossi app, we started with an analysis of the product and thereby identified areas where we saw potential for improvement. The goal was to provide users with both an easy access to recipes and a step-by-step cooking mode. Moreover, we developed a new feature that was frequently asked for by users: collections. Now the users can easily add and organise their favorite recipes.

Graphic of the Betty Bossi app showing the Like function.

UI Design

Through the light background, combined with high-contrast icons, and a new highlight colour, we created a friendly and modern look that perfectly reflects Betty Bossi's brand values. The images should inspire users and encourage them to recreate a dish. Now users can immediately decide whether they want to cook the recipe, take a closer look at it, or save it. We used different highlight modules with a very large lead image and added big and small swimlanes, which look inspiring, dynamic, and contemporary. Furthermore, we made sure to establish an approachable character by not having too perfect and too sterile visual elements. Shapes in the background, which do not have a recognisable pattern but simply lay harmonically behind the individual components, are just one example of the perfectly imperfect design.

Two pages of the Betty Bossi app and a selection of illustrations used.

Motion Design

Just like the visual design, every transition within the app should reflect the personal touch and the small details. One example is the small splash within the icons when liking a recipe. It shows the personal, authentic character of the app once again – reminding us of the little things that can go wrong when cooking. We also want to convey a warm and human feeling with micro-animations like the one in the tab bar. Our empty and loading states are friendly and feminine, which should put a little smile on users' faces.

Two People sitting opposed of each other in Interview Situation.

Product Ownership

Daily communication with the project team was of great importance in working on an app that already has 100,000 active monthly users. Betty Bossi is the longest-standing household name for Swiss cooking – and we were very aware of that. Our communication with the client started on day one, and it included various syncs during the week, covering important issues and solving every problem that comes our way. We’ve dealt with all challenges with the end goal in mind and, ultimately, developed a beautiful app, approaching Betty Bossi’s brand identity in a modern way.

Two people talking about a content on a tablet
A compilation of pages from the Betty Bossi app

Product development

A great code is the main ingredient for a seamless experience.

App Development

The app provides the users with a modern UX/UI experience through many new features, like push notifications, hero animations, and QR codes. But, let us tell you, implementing those was no piece of cake – we’ve faced different challenges along the way, making sure everything runs smoothly, both on older and newer devices. To implement push notifications, we used Emarsys SDK, which allows users to open all recipe details inside the app through universal links hidden inside the push messages. Other than that, users can now browse all new and old recipes throughout the app, mark favorites, check new, and archived magazines, and get notified about any new recipes or Betty Bossi cookbooks.

Several pages of the Betty Bossi app superimposed

Quality Assurance

To prevent any defects in production, we used both manual and automated testing, with a focus on manual since the app was rich with custom UI components, animations, and transitions. Using Zephyr helped us write and execute test cases, and finding defects and solutions was easier thanks to daily syncs, retros, and plannings with the team and the client.

Several people working with their laptops at a standing table next to each other
Highlights of the Betty Bossi App

Meet the product

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Julia Wolff

Digital Innovation & Product Management | Betty Bossi

“We love how dedicated the COBE team is to ensure the best outcome of our product and create beautiful experiences for our customers.”

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