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Learn how jö Bonus rethinks the shopping experience.

Our Challenges

  • Rapid Development & High Quality

    For jö Bonus Club, it was absolutely crucial to stick to the inital time plan. To meet the deadlines and still do an amazing job, we had to find a good balance between speed and quality.

  • All Brands Under One Belt

    One of the biggest challenges we faced in the beginning was combining the many different brands of jö Bonus Club – with each of them providing their own branding – under one brand and one app.

  • A Complex Environment

    Jö Bonus Club uses a highly intelligent system to connect customers with their partners. To provide the perfect experience, we had to dive deeply into the existing architecture.

Applied Services

UXi - User Experience Identity

UX/UI Design

App & Web Development

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Product Strategy

Starting with the essentials

UXi - User Experience Identity

Jö Bonus Club is deeply trusted by both their partners and their customers. Creating a unique design that appreciates the jö Bonus Club brand in all its facets is crucial. Therefore, we started the project with our UXi method, which helped us to identify jö Bonus Club’s core values: Emotional, Sympathetic, Relevant, Trusted, and Clear. Defining the brand character by these values helped us to understand that the UX/UI design needed to be shaped by both clarity and empathy.

Joe Bonus Club semantic map.

Product Design

Scoring points with our brand-driven design

UX Design

To keep the user up-to-date about the latest deals, we had to provide lots and lots of information. To avoid cognitive overload, a logical information hierarchy and a careful guidance of the user is key. Another important goal of our concept was, for example, to create a sense of accomplishment for the user after collecting the Ö points to encourage using the app on a daily basis.

Joe Bonus Club App concept wireframe.

UI Design

Our visual design was supposed to not only convey jö Bonus Club's brand values, but also to support the effective display of information. By adding more breathing space to the UI, we help the user to get a clearer overview of the included features and benefits, which makes the experience far more relaxing and satisfying.

Various joe Bonus Club app screendesigns in smartphone mockups.
Various joe Bonus Club screendesigns.

Product Ownership

We have been working on this amazing project for almost two years. During these two years, we have developed a great relationship with the client. While the project started with only one designer, we later took over the mobile and frontend development and the quality assurance. In the end, we are proud that we have been able to offer new benefits, implement new features on multiple platforms and even support large marketing campaigns.

Joe Bonus Club login screendesign in a mockup.

Product Development

Great design and flawless code? Sounds like a deal!

iOS / Android Development

Two of our senior platform leads for Android and iOS have worked on creating the smoothest running app leading to the perfect user experience.

For us, the most important task was to create a strong architecture that could hold everything down, including customized push notifications, in-app messages, and a seamless payment option by scanning only one barcode.

With these features, the worst part of shopping – the part when you’re at the cashier desk and there’s a long line of people waiting for you to pay – is now over. You can pay for everything by just scanning one code. You’re welcome.

Joe Bonus Club app screendesign in smartphone mockup.

Web Development

The jö Bonus Club  website is a major touchpoint of the brand. Hence, we need to ensure smooth interaction and efficient data processing, so we opted for a tech stack based on React. By changing the concept of the website, we offered users a whole new world of transparency, trust and reliability. We introduced personalised vouchers, donation options, partner leaflets, a help center, a blog. and many more trusted features for a better user experience.

Screendesigns joe Bonus Club website

Okay, time to cash in on some numbers.

Woah! It's an honor for us to build a product that is used by so many people on a daily basis.
Partner Stores
Jö Bonus Club members can collect Ö points in various stores and shops all around Austria.
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Various joe Bonus Club app screendesigns in smartphone mockups.

Meet the product

Ready to make your next shopping trip extra exciting? We’ll take you there.

Igor Milojkovic

Head of Business Services | jö Bonus Club

“COBE helped us to improve our approach to design, structure our requirements and handle multiple development streams. For us, they have become an integral part of our team."