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Watch how FYEO disrupts the world of audio content.

Our Challenges

  • High Market Pressure

    The market for podcast apps is packed with strong competitors, giving new apps a hard time to make an impact.

  • A Unique User Experience

    We believe that a truly unique user experience was one of the most crucial things to set FYEO apart from their competitors – so we really needed to reinvent the wheel.

  • A Home for Content Creators

    FYEO wanted to become a new home to content creators, giving them the freedom and the credit they deserve.

  • Heterogenous Content

    Podcast apps usally provide a stage to a large variety of very diverse content. Giving the interface an overall harmonic look? That’s a tough one.

  • A Stage for FYEO Originals

    Our client is an expert in producing high-class content, so setting the perfect stage for their FYEO Originals was an absolute must-do.

  • The Paywall Barrier

    People love premium content, but of course, asking them for compensation needs to be handled with care.


Product Strategy

First things first: Lending an ear to the user

In-Depth Research

An extensive in-depth research allowed us to dive deeply into the specific needs and preferences of FYEO’s target group. Among other results, we learned that many users would like to share interesting podcasts with their friends, create their own listener profile, and receive customised recommendations. Oh, and: interactive content should be a thing!

2 person in front of a board full with post-it's

Usability Testing

Especially in the hyper-dense market of podcast apps, we wanted to make sure to offer a flawless experience. So, after having created the basic structure and the first designs of the FYEO app, we went into User Testing. Thrilled to see if real users would like our concept and design, we asked participants to fulfil several tasks with our prototype. Taking note of what they loved and what they struggled with helped us to further improve our UX/UI design.

person holding her phone

UXi - User Experience Identity

FYEO is based on a unique brand character, which brings together high-quality standards and wild innovativeness. Building on this, we deduced the brand values Bold, Inspiring, Individual, and High-Quality. They will guide us the way in finding the perfectly matching UX/UI Design, which allows us to get the brand into the app.

FYEO Brand Values

Product Design

Let’s get brand-driven: Giving FYEO a voice!

UX Design

For the concept of the FYEO app, we made sure to provide an intuitively usable structure, giving the user easy access to their favorite features. Next to well-established patterns, we also involved some highly innovative elements, when we felt like they were a great solution for an upcoming challenge. Ever seen a vertical player in an audio app? Now’s the time.

wireframe of FYEO app audio player with vertical timeline and feed

UI Design

The visual design represents the unique constellation of FYEO’s brand values perfectly: We involved strong contrasts by combining edgy and round shapes, and a dark theme with bright highlight colors. The confident font and the playful icon set build the perfect stage for all the great audio adventures FYEO has up its sleeve for you. Another highlight: recurring circles and organic lines, representing the soundwaves that give the interface its distinctive look.

FYEO app design of audio player with vertical timeline and feed
multiple mobile screens with different podcast covers

A visual design that's music to your ears.

We aimed for a design language that is both vibrant and subtle. Sounds impossible? We took up the challenge and made the content a priority. A smart algorithm identifies suitable color pairings from podcast covers, giving the app an overall harmonic look while respecting the individuality of each podcast.

Motion Design

A visual identity isn’t defined by visuals alone. Motion is key for bringing a brand to life. The motion design elements we chose for FYEO support both the overall user experience and the brand’s core values. We made sure the timings and easing-curves are just on point to ensure the perfect look & feel.

FYEO app find tab with moving cards

UX Writing

For FYEO, our goal was to fully drag users into the experience of audio storytelling. Hence, next to being helpful, clear and concise, the verbal communication of FYEO appears encouraging and energizing, determined to spark the users' curiosity for the next audio adventure. For that, the tonality makes references to the user experience via all senses, with, of course, a strong emphasis the hearing experience. Also, a special focus was put on carefully matching the choice of words with the choice of font in order to ensure readibility.

FYEO app explore tab and detail page of podcast

Product Development

The great finale: Turning our vision into code.

Collaboration is key: Tuning in to joint challenges

Our design had some tough challenges to it, among them the automated color picker for podcast covers and the vertical player. We supported our friends at RockAByte, who were responsible for the development of the FYEO app, in the proof of concept of these elements, and collaborated closely with them throughout the entire project.

two men working on a couch

Web Development

Now, one thing is for sure: FYEO deserves to be seen. This is why we created a website for them that is both visually appealing and informative. Here, users find further information about the most important features, FYEO Originals, and where to download the app.

FYEO website with promotion of the app

Okay, now let’s listen to some numbers.

Rating in app stores
Users love the app just as much as we do – yay!
Active listeners
... and a constantly growing community that celebrates FYEO’s unique audio experience.
Won so far
Not only did FYEO win two awards. One of them was the highly desired “Red Dot Grand Prix Award” in 2020.
Downloads in just two weeks
The hype was real: Shortly after its launch, excited users spread the word about FYEO and numbers skyrocketed.
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Luca Hirschfeld

Head of FYEO | For your ears only - by ProSiebenSat.1

“COBE has been a great partner for a challenging project - transparency, efficiency and great results speak for themselves.”

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