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Invisible aligners need transparent design.

Through a new structure, the redesigned website of DR SMILE allows users to meet the medical products properly, while boosting trust in return.

Our Challenges

  • Standing out from the crowd

    Being a successful player in the dental market means doing things a little differently than the many competitors.

  • Making it clear

    We needed to visualise a website that provides detailed information in a clean, simple, and clear way.

  • Marketing meets UX

    With DR SMILE's focus on marketing, we wanted to shed light on the user friendliness of the product.

  • Finding the balance

    The more people, the more opinions. We have made it our job to take everyone's opinions into account while keeping core values ​​in mind.

Applied Services

UXi - User Experience Identity

More about our services

Product Strategy

Data recycling: new from old

UXi Package

First, we dug through the different research data provided by the client in order to define a new UXi. The UXi was needed to connect the emotional social media presence and transparent brand values ​​with DR SMILE's new medical website.

A Semantical Map of the Betty Bossi Brand Values

Product Design

Make it bold and simple

UX Design

In order to structure the big amount of content on DR SMILE's website, we reduced the main menu points and thematically clustered them in a more user-centric way, answering the users' most fundamental product questions. We also added a handy price calculator, showing how different lengths of contract impact the installment payments. With the new accessible structure, users can find and digest the information more effectively.

Grafik der Betty Bossi App, die die Like Funktion zeigt.

UI Design

Based on the UXi, we created DR SMILE's Design Vision. Keeping in mind that their website is a medical product, we used round and soft shapes to link it to their empowering brand value, and simple illustrations to explain complex processes, both highlighting trustworthy and transparent principles. Gradients helped us structure the website better and make the different sections fit together. Moreover, big headlines provide users with a quick overview.

Zwei Seiten der Betty Bossi App und eine Auswahl an verwendeten Illustrationen
multiple mobile screens with different podcast covers

Motion Design

To visualise transitions and behaviour of the website, we used Protopie to create small animations. These animations not only helped the client see how we imagined the new website, they brought the new design to life.

Two People sitting opposed of each other in Interview Situation.

Here are some numbers:

support localisation
We have approached every single market with individuality.
% increase
in trust, likeability, and medical relevance
Which doesn't make it easy for the competition of DR SMILE.
From conception to launch
We strategised, concepted, and designed this project within half a year.
qualitative tests
confirm our design
Since we were on the right track, we could set a strategic direction.
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Highlights der Betty Bossi App

Meet the Product

With fresh design features and a user-friendly information architecture, we turned DR SMILE's new website into a trustworthy medical product.

See for yourself and visit the website here.

Leah Bell

Head of Marketing Strategy | DR SMILE

“With COBE, we enhanced user trust, likability, and medical relevance, providing an educational, reliable experience with improved customer navigation.”

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