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Product Validation

Around 80% of product introductions fail mainly because of a lack of market and user focus. We give you the tools to test your idea with potential users and get feedback on the product's viability.

  • Cost

    upon request

  • Language

    English and German

  • Target group

    Strategy & Innovation Manager, Product Manager / Product Owner

Agenda & Scope

New ideas are exciting. If you let yourself get carried away, usually it’s hard to tell the difference between a good and a bad one. Product validation is the process of testing your idea with potential users to get feedback on the product's viability. This way you can lower the risk of wasting money and time on development.

  • Option 1: 3 day Workshop (9am -5pm each), mix of in-person & remote
  • Option 2: 3 months Project, mix of in-person & remote
Week 1-2

Product statement, persona, pain points

Week 3

Market overview & competition

Week 4-8

Reserach (e.g. inverviews), iterations

Week 9-10

Prototype, feedback, adaptions

Week 11

Business Modell

Week 12

Wrap up & next Steps


Product Validation gives you a deep understanding of the market but most importantly the user and their needs. Based on these insights, it is possible to assess the market fit of your product.
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