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Metawhat? - Enter the Metaverse

Web 3.0, Blockchain, NFTs - we offer you a full range of the most important trends and insights about the Metaverse to prepare you for what's ahead.

  • Cost

    10k EUR

  • Language

    English and German

  • Target group

    For all curious and open-minded people

Agenda & Scope

How will we shop, celebrate, act and communicate in the future? What are the potentials for companies in the Metaverse? How will the Metaverse affect UX Design? These are just some questions to get started and explore the future possibilities of the Metaverse. We offer you a full range of the most important trends and insights to prepare yourself for what's ahead.

  • 1 day workshop (approx. 9am -5pm)
  • In-person, 5-10 participants
  • Location & catering
  • Preparation, documentation, moderation
30 min

Introduction to the Metaverse

30 min

Market & ecosystem overview

30 min

Customer groups and needs

30 min

Entry Points to the Metaverse

60 min

Group work: Ideation of individual use cases

30 min

Success factors and principles


In this workshop, we reveal all secrets of the Metaverse. You will receive a detailed overview of the possibilities the Metaverse offers and ideas on how to apply them to your own business. We will ideate individual use cases to help you advance your digital strategy.
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