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Vodafone GigaTV: a blockbuster-worthy UX.

Our Challenges

  • A Diverse Audience

    GigaTV is for everybody – from young kids to horror movie junkies. Our job? Making sure it fits the needs and demands of this very diverse audience.

  • A Well-Rounded Brand Universe

    GigaTV is a member of the Vodafone family, so its look & feel had to fit in with the existing products perfectly, while still being innovative.

  • Outside-The-Box Thinking

    Our client was ready to disrupt the status-quo of entertainment. Hence, an important part of the project was exploring highly visionary concepts that required a lot of outside-the-box thinking.

  • Technical Restrictions

    Since our design needs to work on a TV screen, we had to make sure that it meets certain technical requirements, for example, that it can be easily used with a remote control.

Applied Services

UXi - User Experience Identity

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Product Strategy

Taking a look behind the curtain: What do viewers really want?

In-Depth Research

First, we needed to learn more about the preferences and habits of our diverse target audience. Therefore, our client and their partners conducted extensive qualitative research on TV usage. As a result, they provided us with personas and other important insights, which we then sharpened even further.

Person pointing on post-it wall.

UXi - User Experience Identity

Vodafone is one of the largest telecommunication providers in the world and represents a strong, internationally trusted brand. To make GigaTV a worthy brand ambassador, we had to first get its brand identity straight: With the help of our UXi method, we deducted Passionate, Empowering, Playful, and Personable as the main core brand values. Now it was up to us to create a design that can do these values justice.

Semantic map with brand-values.

Product Design

Setting the stage with brand-driven design

UX Design

First things first: We made sure that all the features relevant for the user are perfectly accessible via remote control. We introduced a hub for a quick and easy access to media libraries, live TV shows and video-on-demand-content. We also put a strong focus on the intelligent electronic program guide and its inuitive design. The final goal of our conception was to ensure smooth navigation between shows, genres and channels.

Giga TV screendesigns.

UI Design

The visual design of GigaTV is mainly content-focused, setting the perfect stage for the user's favorite TV program. For this, we introduced the so-called “mood area”, which appears in many parts of the UI, such as the detail pages, the electronic program guide, or the media libraries.

All in all, the UI is overly unobstrusive and clear, putting a strong focus on big screen TVs, where it can create intense “Wow” moments by dragging the user into the depths of the content.

However, flexibility is key: From the beginning on, we made sure that the design system was ready to be adapted for contexts other than big screens, for example, for mobile phones.

Giga TV screendesigns.
Giga TV screendesign series overview.

Motion Design

For GigaTV, the motion design elements highlight the well-structured simplicity of the user interface. With their smooth, nicely eased animation curve, they help the user to navigate through the interface confidently and efficiently. Underlining the clear hierarchy by letting UI elements appear and disappear in a logical way, the motion design takes the usability of the interface to a whole new level.

Ready for the happy ending? Here it is.

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Up to 94 channels, including more than 55 HD channels, and tons of video-on-demand highlights will keep you entertained.
Design Award
Won so far
Great news for the whole team: GigaTV won the Red Dot Design Award 2019 in the category of User Interface Design.
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Head of Product Design, Group Commercial Entertainment | Vodafone

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