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Agile Thinking & Mindset

Agility means chaos and constantly changing directions? Wrong! Let's bust these myths. We give an overview of well-known agile methods and show how they can improve your daily work.

  • Cost

    10k EUR

  • Language

    English and German

  • Target group

    Employees involved in the creation of digital products, especially Project Manager

Agenda & Scope

OKRs, remote Work, Lean-startup, SCRUM, Kanban, Design-Thinking, task management, efficient workflows - these are not just buzzwords. In this workshop you will get an overview of well-known agile methods and how they can improve your daily work. All workshop topics can be customized to address your exact needs and challenges.

  • 1 day workshop (approx. 9am -5pm)
  • In-person, 5-10 participants
  • Location & catering
  • Preparation, documentation, moderation
45 min

Introduction organisational models & ORKs

60 min

Exercise OKR

30 min

Introduction Agile Project Setup

60 min

Exercise Agile Project-Setup

30 min

Deep Dive Agile Framework, e.g. Design Thinking

60 min

Case studies and practical application


This workshop will give you an overview of different well-known agile methods – like Lean Startup, Scrum or OKR. You will get the tools and inspiration to identify obstacles in your current work environment and implement agile practices to overcome them.
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